Питьевые нано-растворы драгоценных и благородных металлов из сша

Nano Metals

Nanocolloids of precious metals have been used as food additives for a long time in the USA and Western Europe. The size of nanoparticles (1-20 nanometers) is the most important factor for their bioavailability. The human body absorbs nanoparticles with greater efficiency than all other forms of food additives. The smallest size and high concentration of nanoparticles (10-600 mg/l) allow achieving results that are impossible with traditional food additives.

Nano Iridium

The biochemical role of iridium is determined by its effect on the exchange of aspartic acid.

  • Suppress the development of bacteria, viruses, and fungi;
  • Improves intercellular exchange;
  • Improves mental acuity;
  • Improves tissue regeneration;
  • Supports normal cell function.

This remedy is used to improve mental concentration and stability of attention. Iridium helps people who find it difficult to concentrate on solving one problem.

Nano silver

Nano silver acts as a powerful, broad-spectrum antibacterial agent. This remedy is effective against 650 pathogens without causing side effects while a regular antibiotic kills about 6. Benefits:

  • Restoration of damaged tissues;
  • Destruction of old or cancerous cells;
  • Normalization in different pathological inflammations;
  • Has a harmful effect on antibiotic-resistant bacteria forms.

In the body, colloidal silver does not form toxic compounds and reacts only with the oxygen exchange enzyme of microbes, which helps hit the pathogens.

Nano gold

It is a stimulant of the body's regenerative functions. Promotes longevity and vitality.

  • Maintains mental activity and concentration;
  • Improves working capacity and endurance;
  • Improves visual-motor coordination;
  • Most people prone to migraines and headaches notice a sharp decrease in the frequency and intensity of ache;
  • Improves sleep;
  • Gives a charge of energy and vigor.

Nano gold significantly improves mood in people prone to melancholy and seasonal sadness and helps to overcome depression.

Nano platinum

The remedy is often used to moisturize the skin and its rejuvenation.

  • Improves libido including sexual function in men and women.
  • Improves the regeneration of heart tissue, the entire endocrine system and thymus;
  • Improves sleep and causes vivid dreams;
  • Improves memory and attention;
  • Supports the restoration of DNA and nerve cells;

Platinum has the ability to soak up free radicals and hinder the oxidative processes that are responsible for the aging of the body.

Nano zinc

This remedy suppresses the development of bacteria, viruses, and fungi and has a protective effect in alcohol-intoxication. Main features:

  • Has an immunomodulatory effect and reduces the risk of developing diseases;
  • Enhances male sexual activity;
  • Improves the functional state of the nervous system;
  • Reduces the risk of developing or exacerbating allergic reactions;
  • Stimulates the regeneration of cartilage and bone tissue in injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Helps to restore normal appetite and enhances taste and olfactory sensitivity;
  • Activates the growth of hair and nails

Nano zinc improves the functional state of the retina and lens of the eye and prevents the development of cataracts.

Nano Silica

This remedy is used for general dryness and loss of skin elasticity, dry wrinkles around the eyes and in the corners of the lips. The effectiveness of the additive is proven when:

  • Dermatitis, eczema, peeling of the skin of the hands and feet, loss of softness of the pads of the fingers and toes;
  • Dry, brittle, layered nails;
  • A palpable loss of skin turgor;
  • Fragility and hair loss, the feeling that the hair does not grow beyond a certain length;
  • Violations of the capillary circulation manifested in the fragility and increased the permeability of the walls of the capillaries;
  • The weakness of bone tissue.

Since the intensity of metabolism in all organs depends on the strength and elasticity of the walls of the capillaries, the effect of silicon extends ultimately to the whole body.

Nano Copper

Copper is an indispensable and useful micronutrient. It is necessary for the creation of red blood cells, the exchange of proteins and the synthesis of RNS, as well as a need for the activity of enzymes responsible for hair and skin color and for healthy nerves. The remedy shows high efficiency it treatment of:

  • Acute respiratory infections;
  • diseases of the skin and mucous membranes,
  • Candidiasis and conjunctivitis;
  • Chronic, allergic and purulent rhinitis;
  • Herpes, acne, seborrhea;
  • Viral hepatitis, severe infections;
  • Arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis;
  • Diseases of the oral cavity.

Copper is indispensable for medical processes including the energy production in cells.

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